La Lune de Cellophane Iris Issen

  • La Lune de Cellophane

Iris Issen

This work represents Iris Issen’s artistic expressions and aesthetic thoughts of the nature and the ongoing natural processes, and their austerity, roughness, as well as integrity.
By capturing a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing from the texture of paints and the movement of strokes, this painting shows an organic and unrefined feeling of simplicity and quietness, representing an inquiry to the present through a historical perspective, in which the artist tries to conceptualise the material basis of the modern society and exploring its connection with the nature.

393mm × × 545mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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Iris Issen

Iris Issen is a British-Japanese contemporary abstract artist based in London and Tokyo.

Her work can be perceived as the exploration of the relationship between the intimate self and the nature. Embedded with a refined and delicate feminine touch, her paintings reflect her inquiry for the true essence of the beauty of body and soul. The identity of her artworks, composed of fractured shapes, the restrained use of colours, and the delicate layering of textures, demonstrate her understanding on the true essence of self and nature. Through the art of leaving blanks, her work seeks the connection of the soul and mind between the viewers and the artist.