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Sante VisioniMEDIA:mixed media on framed canvas
YEAR :2020

I consider this work as the first of a new period in my artistic path. Back in May, I started feeling not more represented by what I was painting: the colors' burst, which I adopted when I moved to Japan almost 2 years ago, were not the reality anymore. My life in Japan is now different and the more I establish here, the more I feel far from my past life in Europe. This is not something "bad", but the enthusiam I had is now transformed into something else. Within this, covid19 enhanced such sensation I had inside, forcing me to stay far from my family and friends as never before. I then spent the following months experimenting and looking for a new way to express myself which was closer and truer to my present self. It was a period filled by confusion, a bit of nostalgia, sometimes void; by I ended up to one conclusion: that by looking inside ourselves, we can always find the answers we need. And that no matter how you grow and change, there's always more to discover inside.
The painting I present is the actual first result of this research process: the words invite to keep investigating yourself, the screens suggest the multiple layers we are made of, the black and blue palette brings a broad sensation of melancholy which is balanced by energetic brushes and lines, it's not sadness. I'm happy I can share this with you and I will move forward from here making a whole body of pieces following this line.

650mm × 35mm × 800mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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Sante Visioni

スタジオでの活動やライブショーの他、ストリートでの介入やブランドとのコラボレーション(L'Oreal, Ports 1961, Pitti Immagineなど)も行っている。ミラノ(IT)、アムステルダム(ナショナル)を経て、現在は東京で活動をしている。